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USAF Band of Mid-America to Perform at Dixon Theater

USAF Band of Mid America to perform at the Historic Dixon Theater in Dixon, Illinois
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
7:00 p.m.
Free admission
USAF Band MidAmerica

2014 Carp Derby - A Great Success!

Another year and what a wild and exciting finish to the 2014 DIXON CARP DERBY.

Despite the threat of thunder storms, floods and heat warnings, 82 anglers made it out to try their luck and skills against the beautiful yet challenging Rock River in downtown Dixon, and hundreds others stopped by to watch.

After Saturday's storms and heat,  Sunday morning seemed like a vacation.......but it would be short lived as the heat and the competition would hit new highs by mid-day. And what would seem to be solid leads would creep away little by little with a suprise ending that would top the suprise of the Venician Night floats and the best fireworks grand finale I have ever seen on Saturday Night.  You should have been there!!!!

Boys Winners:
Cory Bohmann Jr. two year rein as champion would fall, but not by much.Congrats to all!

1st  Austin Jones 7-14 (Chadwick)
2nd Cory Bohmann 6-14 (Marsallis)
3rd Sawyer Marceau 6-8 (Forrreston)
4th Zak Clevenger 6-2 (Dixon)
5th Karsen DiFiore 5-15 (Burlington, Wi.)

Girls Winners:
Jenna and August would catch more big fish than most of the pro's and would fight back and forth right until the end when the south side of the dam produced a whopper.

1st Jenna Hale 11-4 (Chadwick)
2nd August Jones 9-6 (Chadwick)
3rd Brianna Czenk 8-14 (Aurora)
4th Hope Garza 7-7 (Sterling)
5th Ellie Meyers 6-15 (Dixon)

Adult Winners:
First time can be a charm, especially if luck is on your side.......and your bait is working.

1st Dijon Ilic 11-6 (Countryside)
2nd Charlie Thomas 11-2 (Dixon)
3rd Terry Runyon 10-8 (Aurora)
4th Beau Schneider 10-4 (Cary)
5th Brendeb Griffon 9-14 (Chicago)
6th Larry Coggins 9-13 (Dixon)
7th James Reynolds 9-9 (Sterling)
8th Eddy Cobb 9-7 (Chicago)
9th James Sappington 9-3 (East Moline)
10th John Arnould 8-14 (Dixon)
11th Donny Bailey 8-11 (Burlington, Wi.)
12th Jerry Barth 8-11 (Dixon)
13th Dragoslav Ilic 8-9 (Countryside)
14th Mike Kresenek 8-6 (Dixon)
15th Jeff Williams 8-2 (Dixon)
16th Chris Sotelo 7-11 (Dixon)
17th Kristen Czenk 7-5 (Aurora)
18th Amador Garza 7-2 (Sterling)
19th Debra Higgins 6-15 (Dixon)
20th Charlie Chesneck 5-11 (Dixon)

Advanced Division Winners:
The Advanced Angler Division was new this year, and with many of the most proven anglers in the region the competitive level was set pretty high early by Paul Scott with a commanding lead and three fish over 11 pounds he seemed a lock to take both Advanced Angler and Grand Champion.................but those late fish can change everything!!!!

1st Paul Scott 34-1 (Carlinville)
2nd Frank Rink 26-4 (Bolingbrook)
3rd Cory Bohmann 26-1 (Marsallis)

And this year's GRAND CHAMPION WINNER  of the Champions trophy and $500.00 with 12 pound 1 ounce carp.......

DAN HALE  of  Monroe Center, Illinois

Special thanks to T.C, Roy Kramer, Frank Rink, Fred Rhodes, Jerry , Paul Pazella, Robert Kraft and the Wells family for their generous donations and time to help make this event a possibility.
And of course thanks to the City of Dixon and Mayor Burke, all of the fine folks with Dixon Tourism, the Dixon Parks Department and Deb Carrey, and to all those who make it out to watch and to fish Dixon.........

Thanks again, and see you Next Year!!!

Larry Kirchner
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bags For The Brave Tournament

The Dixon Police Department will be co-hosting a "Bags For The Brave" tournament on Saturday, August 30th, 2014.  Click the flyer below for all the details.  Contact Detective Aaron Simonton at the Dixon Police Department with any questions: 815-288-0209.



Welcome to Dixon Illinois.

Located along the scenic Rock River in northwestern Illinois, Dixon is a thriving community of 16,000, and serves as the county seat of Lee County. At the hub of four major highways and one interstate, Dixon is the economic center of the county and an important focus for agriculture, industry, service, retail, recreation and residential growth.

Dixon’s history dates back to 1828 when Joseph Ogee settled at the site of what is now known as Dixon. Two years later, “Father” John Dixon came to the area, purchased Ogee’s land claims and continued the establishment of a settlement by operating a ferry across the beautiful Rock River.

In 1832, a young Abraham Lincoln marched up the Rock River Valley at the head of the Sangamon County Volunteers. He and his troops were mustered in at Fort Dixon to fight in the Blackhawk Indian Wars. Fort Dixon was located on the north bank of the Rock River, and the spot is now marked with a bronze statue of Lincoln.

It is hard to think of Dixon without associating the name of her most famous son, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The former President is wellknown for calling Dixon his hometown, and he spent his formative years in Dixon attending its schools and spending summers as a lifeguard at the Lowell Park Beach. Dixon was instrumental in forming the character of our 40th President.

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How Downtown Dixon Has Changed Since 2000


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