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Prevent Freezing Pipes

Cold Weather is fast approaching; predictions indicate that we are going to have a winter like last year. This means we can expect frozen water pipes. Here are some problems areas, warning signs and tips to minimize the chance of freezing water pipes.

Problem Areas

  • Pipes near broken or open basement windows
  • Unheated crawl spaces and equipment rooms
  • Pipes near the foundation or cracks in the basement wall
  • Inadequate heating in un-insulated or uncovered outside pit
  • Pipes under kitchen sinks or cupboards

Warning Signs of Freeze

  • Unusually cold water temperature (less than 35 degrees) at any fixture
  • Unusually low water flow at a fixture
  • Discolored water at a fixture
  • Low water pressure at a fixture
  • Sputtering sounds when opening a fixture


  • Check water temperature (less than 35 degrees) run water pencil size stream
  • Shut off and drain outside water faucets before freezing occurs
  • Insulate walls near exposed piping
  • Repair cold air leaks to reduce drafts on piping and meter

These tips are for assistance only and not intended as an exhaustive list.   Users are ultimately responsible for these matters under the City Code.   If you need additional information, please contact the City of Dixon Water Department at 815-288-3381.


Welcome to Dixon Illinois.

Located along the scenic Rock River in northwestern Illinois, Dixon is a thriving community of 16,000, and serves as the county seat of Lee County. At the hub of four major highways and one interstate, Dixon is the economic center of the county and an important focus for agriculture, industry, service, retail, recreation and residential growth.

Dixon’s history dates back to 1828 when Joseph Ogee settled at the site of what is now known as Dixon. Two years later, “Father” John Dixon came to the area, purchased Ogee’s land claims and continued the establishment of a settlement by operating a ferry across the beautiful Rock River.

In 1832, a young Abraham Lincoln marched up the Rock River Valley at the head of the Sangamon County Volunteers. He and his troops were mustered in at Fort Dixon to fight in the Blackhawk Indian Wars. Fort Dixon was located on the north bank of the Rock River, and the spot is now marked with a bronze statue of Lincoln.

It is hard to think of Dixon without associating the name of her most famous son, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The former President is wellknown for calling Dixon his hometown, and he spent his formative years in Dixon attending its schools and spending summers as a lifeguard at the Lowell Park Beach. Dixon was instrumental in forming the character of our 40th President.

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How Downtown Dixon Has Changed Since 2000


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