Construction Progress

The construction of Heritage Crossing is being documented by photographs. Stop by often to see how this exciting project develops.

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October 9, 2008


October 18, 2008


October 27, 2008


November 14, 2008



December 9, 2008


February 10, 2009

project_riverfront_-_embrace_the_vision_2-10-09riverfront looking west 2-10-09

March 9, 2009

traffic control 3-9-09restroom structure 3-9-09

April 7, 2009

4-7-09 curb and gutter work on river street looking east4-7-09 curb and gutter work on both sides of river street looking east

4-7-09 excavator backfillling central plaza area

April 14, 2009

4-14-09 overall view looking west from galena avenue bridge4-14-09 project riverfront - embrace the vision

4-14-09 the open pavilion begins to take shape4-14-09 river street being prepared for concrete

April 15, 2009

4-15-09 masons working on stone veneer at central plaza area4-15-09 masons woking on stone veneer at large retaining wall

4-15-09 concrete pavement installed at river street looking east

April 24, 2009

4-24-09 lower path being graded - view looking east4-24-09 restroom taking shape with stone veneer4-24-09 river street opens to one-way traffic - view looking west4-24-09 water feature being worked on in central plaza area

May 12, 2009

5-12-09 overall view looking west from galena avenue bridge5-12-09 project riverfront - embrace the vision5-12-09 landscaping area being formed for concrete curb

May 19, 2009

5-19-09 pavers being installed in open pavilion

May 22, 2009

5-22-09 installation of concrete pavement for lower path - view looking east5-22-09 view of pavers and timeline looking west5-22-09 restroom building nearing completion5-22-09 project riverfront - embrace the vision5-22-09 overall view looking west from galena avenue bridge

May 27, 2009

5-27-09 forms are placed for continuity of timeline5-27-09 portion of timeline is complete and pavers installed - view looking east5-27-09 workers install curb and gutter on river street - view looking west

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