Public Works


The City of Dixon's Public Works' Mission is to provide the best service possible for the citizens of Dixon, Illinois in building, operating, and maintaining the infrastructure in the City of Dixon including water, wastewater, streets, public property, and traffic maintenance.



What is Public Works?

Much of what we do in Public Works is underground, not seen, and not thought about every day by residents until there is a problem. When potable water is not flowing (or is flowing up into the street due to a main break) or if someone cannot flush their toilet, then people think about what is underground. We think about these things everyday so others don’t have to.

Public Works consists of 4 departments:

    • Street Division
      • The City of Dixon Street Department builds and maintains the system of streets and alleys throughout the City of Dixon.
    • Public Property Department
      • The Public Property Department is responsible for maintaining the buildings and land owned by the City of Dixon.
    • Water Department
      • The City of Dixon Water Department builds, operates, and maintains the complex potable water system including the water mains, fire hydrants, water valves, water towers, wells and pumps throughout the City of Dixon.
    • Wastewater Department
      • The City of Dixon Wastewater Treatment Facilities Department builds, operates, and maintains the sanitary sewer system including nearly 80 miles of sewer main, sanitary sewer manholes, cleanouts, lift stations, and the wastewater treatment plant.









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