City of Dixon Administration / Officials

Name Position Phone
James G. Burke Mayor 815-288-1485
David P. Blackburn Commissioner of Accounts & Finance 815-288-1485
Colleen Brechon Commissioner of Public Property 815-288-1485
Dennis Considine Commissioner of Public Health & Safety 815-529-5100
Jeff Kuhn Commissioner of Streets & Public Improvements 815-288-1485
David Nord City Administrator 815-288-1481
Paula Meyer Finance Director 815-288-6995
Kathe A. Swanson City Clerk 815-288-1485
Stephanie Terranova Deputy City Clerk 815-288-1485
Paul Shiaras Building Official 815-288-1403
Danny Langloss, Jr. Police Chief 815-288-4411
Tim Shipman Fire Chief 815-288-3323
Curt Phillips Superintendent Public Property 815-284-2904
Mike Stichter Superintendent of Street Dept. 815-284-7743
Dan Mahan Superintendent of Waste Water Dept. 815-288-3383
Willard "Rusty" Cox Superintendent of Water Dept. 815-288-3381
Robert T. LeSage III City Attorney 815-284-8200
Larry Haley Airport Manager 815-288-4095
Lynn Roe Library Director 815-284-7261

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