Champions for Children Walk

Shining starThe 2009 Champions for Children Walk was a huge success thanks to everyone that pulled together and campaigned across Lee and Ogle County.  As a community we raised just over $54,000.00.  85% of the funds that were raised for the walk will go directly to the Shining Star Children's Advocacy Center.  The Shining Star Children's Advocacy Center that is located in Dixon will benefit greatly from all the hard work and dedication put forth by the members of the CAC Board and everyone that raised funds throughout our community.  More than 350 people registered for the walk which took place on Saturday, May 16, 2009.  The walk started and ended at Lowell Park.  Below are some photos from the Champions for Children Walk.

The Champions for Children Walk


Raising the Funds

Raising the donations needed to keep the advocacy centers afloat was no small task.  With budget cuts all over the nation, the advocacy centers across Illinois had all been hit with financial burdens.  The campaign was more successful then imagined with over 74 organizations involved in raising funds and over 300 walkers participating in the event itself.  Members of the longevity committee presented to more than 1,000 community members. Some of the events to help raise money included a kickball tournament, pancake breakfast, and golf outing. Below are some photos from the fund raising campaign.





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