A Letter from Kenya: Thika in food crisis

By Jennifer Wanjiru, special to Sauk Valley Newpapers

This is the first in an occasional series of letters from Dixon’s sister cities around the world: Dickson, Siberia, Herzberg, Germany, Castlebar, Ireland and Thika, Kenya. For more information about Sister Cities, click here.

When my friend Geoff Vanderlin of Dixon Sister Cities and Sauk Valley Newspapers visited Thika, Kenya, during the twinning of our town and Dixon, he had maize (corn) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But Thika residents and Kenyans at large no longer enjoy that staple, thanks to a crumpling economy that has hit home, plus corruption.

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A letter from Castlebar, Ireland: The Legend of St. Patrick

dix-st-pat-windowBy Ernie Sweeney,  Sauk Valley Newspapers

This is another in an occasional series of letters from Dixon's sister cities around the world: Dickson, Siberia; Herzberg, Germany; Thika, Kenya and Castlebar, Ireland. Today's letter comes from Castlebar, where the story of St. Patrick has its roots. For more information about Sister Cities, go to www.discoverdixon.org and click on the Sister Cities link.

The ruins I came upon in the old graveyard one Sunday afternoon set me thinking.  My imagination took over and I found myself back among the people who lived here in the days of Patrick on his missionary journey. It would then seem to me that Patrick came through Ballynew, up the Castlebar River and on to the lake called Lough Lannagh, which means "the lake of the children."

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Another sister city, another proud moment

By Sauk Valley Newspapers, What We Think

Last week brought a moment of pride for the Sauk Valley, even though the reason for that pride happened thousands of miles away.

In the East African city of Thika, Kenya, members of the Dixon Sister Cities Association put this region's best foot forward. It was there that an official sister city charter between Dixon and Thika was signed.

We are proud of this event for several reasons.

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