K-9 Patrol Unit

The mission of the K-9 unit is to locate people and/or items at or near crime scenes, and to provide protection and/or backup for officers when possible and practical.

Generally, a K-9 team will be applied as a sophisticated tool to enhance the capabilities of Patrol or other units at a crime scene. The K-9 Unit is supportive to all units in the Department and the Tactical Response Team. The dogs are also used to assist the officers with the ongoing "War on Drugs". The dogs are used to locate drugs inside vehicles and buildings.

Meet the Dogs

The Dixon Police Department has two canine patrol units.  Bobby is a Vizsla, and joined our agency in November of 2005.  Bobby's handler is Officer Jeff Ragan.  Bruno is a Dutch Shepherd that has been with our agency since October of 2008. Officer Mark Dallas is Bruno's handler.

Pet Supplies "Plus" in Sterling has generously donated dog food to the police department for the duration of the canines' service.


bobby               bruno
K-9 Bobby K-9 Bruno


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