Jun 2012

Police Dept. News

Police Launch New Bicycle Safety Program

Kids wearing a helmet while riding their bicycle will receive a free ice cream cone from the Dixon Police Department. This initiative comes after 8 year old Laci Long approached Chief Langloss with the idea. Laci did not wear a helmet prior to a trip to see her cousins in the Quad Cities. While there, Laci saw a police officer approach some other kids and give them a coupon for a free ice cream cone because they were wearing a helmet. When Laci returned home, she asked her parents to buy her a helmet. Laci told Chief Langloss she thought other kids would want to wear a helmet too, if they knew they would get ice cream.

Chief Langloss said, "The department intended on conducting a bicycle safety initiative this spring, and this seemed to be the perfect fit. Head injuries are the leading cause of sudden death in children. This is a great idea from a very bright young girl." When officers make contact with kids, they will also conduct a free inspection of the bike to ensure it is safe. Particular attention will be given to reflectors and the officers will give a short quiz about bicycle safety.

Over the past year, the department has received numerous complaints about bicyclists. The complaints vary from equipment problems to failing to follow the rules of the road. Chief Langloss said, "We are hoping to make an impact in safety and reduce the number of complaints this summer."

The department is currently seeking funding to assist kids who cannot afford to purchase a helmet. Langloss said the cost seems like a small price to pay for safety.

Chief Langloss rewarded Laci with a Dixon Police Department "Challenge Coin". The coins are not available to purchase and are only given to Dixon Police Officers and members of the community who make a positive impact on public safety. The free ice cream has been provided by Culver's and McDonald's of Dixon.

Anyone with other safety ideas or police initiatives is encouraged to contact Chief Langloss at 815/288-4411.

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