Dixon Water Department - Building, Operating, Maintaining

In line with the Mission Statement for the City of Dixon’s Public Works, the Dixon Water Department strives to serve the best water possible for the citizens of Dixon, in building, operating, and maintaining the complex potable water system throughout the community.  The system includes wells, towers, pumps, tanks, hydrants, water mains, and a reservoir.  Heading up the department is Superintendent Rusty Cox who supervises both office and field operations. 

The Water Department has two positions that are a little unique when compared to the other departments in the City of Dixon’s Public Works.  The first is a General Foreman that leads the operations in the field.  This position is held by Jerry Carlson.  The second position is Office Manager that leads the operations for the Water Department located at City Hall.  This position is held by Dawn Griswold.  Michelle Wolfe assists Office Manager Griswold in the office operations.  Helping customers, communicating with field personnel, calling in JULIES (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) and handling the financial side of the operations are just a couple of the vast number of duties assigned to the office staff.

Servicemen Roy Jones and Matt Huyett collect data for the office staff as well as locate the watermain for numerous JULIES that are called in during digging activities throughout the city.  Jim Miller is the foreman for the distribution team in charge of watermain installation and repair.  Foreman Miller is assisted by Dennis Hendricks, Mike Wagner, and Terry Dewey as operators and laborers in the field.  This group is called on for expanding the watermain system throughout the city and also for watermain breaks that unfortunately occur.  The City of Dixon is an older community with a number of mains that have been used for many years.

The water plant is located at the intersection of River Street and Artesian Avenue.  Along with a reservoir and a maintenance shed, the water plant includes a laboratory that is staffed by Matt Heckman as Chief Analyst and Leanne Rogers.  This staff completes testing required by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the quality of water meets or exceeds drinking water standards.

The City of Dixon Water Department is in the process of constructing water treatment facilities for each of the wells that has had testing levels above the drinking water standards.  The construction is being completed in three phases with the first phase being complete and online.  The second phase will be under construction shortly with the third phase going out for bid later this year.

The City of Dixon Water Department is supplied by groundwater from seven wells at depths ranging from 1600 to 1800 feet.  These seven wells serve five water towers and one reservoir.  Two wells are located on the north side of the Rock River and five are located on the south side.  The system also includes a hydro pneumatic tank and two booster pump stations.  This entire water distribution system, working efficiently through the employees that build, maintain, and operate it,  provides a total capacity of  12,000,000 gallons of water per day serving the City of Dixon well.

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