Dixon Riverfront Questions & Answers

We have talked to our fellow citizens at length about this exciting riverfront development. Many of our friends and neighbors have valid questions. We hope we answered these concerns to the best of our abilities

Q: The sidewalks on the Galena and Peoria Avenue bridges are great improvements. I like the plan that continues the sidewalks from one bridge to the other. What is going to happen when the Rock River floods? Will all of this work on the riverfront be wiped out?

A: The 100-year high water elevation is 650 feet. The lower walk area is at elevation 643 feet. So, at the time of a 100-year flood, the lower walk could have 7 feet of water over it. The Design Engineers know this and are not placing items in this area that can get taken out with a flood.

Q: How am I going to tie my boat to the shoreline between the bridges at the time of low water?

A: The boat docking at the time of low water could be handled with a floating dock walkway that is placed off of the slope of the lower walkway that is directed out into the Rock River.

Q: The Riverfront plan looks great. What is going to happen when the skate boarders take over and destroy the place?

A: This design is not to accommodate skate boarders. It may come down to an enforcement issue.

Q: I like the Riverfront plan, but the power lines destroy the overall good look. What can be done to improve this visual look?

A: Some of the lower power lines have been placed underground. The remaining lower lines will be placed underground with the construction of the Riverfront "Heritage Crossing." That will leave the higher wires in place. The cost of putting the transmision facilities underground is very costly and, therefore, the higher power lines will remain at the present time.

Q: The Riverfront plans may be okay for people, but what about a place to walk your pets?

A: Pets are fine to be at the Riverfront facility with supervision. The Riverfront is not designed to handle pets unsupervised. Cleaning up after your own pet will be necessary.

Q: Who is going to pay for all this Riverfront stuff?

A: Funding is a very big issue of any project. The Riverfront project is no different. The funding sources are the Tax Increment Financing District (TIF), the Riverfront Foundation, the Federal Transportation Bill, state, city, county, and private donations. The Riverfront Commission is a not-for-profit corporation and has started a fund raising program called Leave Your Mark on the Riverfront. If a person is interested in sponsoring a feature or the purchase of a Paver with an inscription, contact the Dixon Riverfront Commission with questions at (815) 288-4674.

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