Our TIF Process

In order to respond to developer interest in a timely and accurate manner, and to facilitate "transparency" in the proposed evaluation and negotiation process, the City has created a "Development Proposal Flow Chart," which is outlined below. This methodology represents agreement among government agencies as to who is involved in the negotiation of TIF-assisted projects and provides insights to developers as to the parties involved and in what order they are involved.

The goal of this "pre-planning" effort is to minimize the time and redundant work required to evaluate and act on proposals for the TIF area.

Development Proposal Flow Chart

I. Initial Developer Contact with City Hall

  1. City Hall is designated as the initial contact point.
  2. The City Administrator has been designated the City's point person on TIF-assisted development projects.

II. Preliminary Developer Discussions

  1. The City Administrator provides overview of TIF area, tours, and responds to initial inquiries.
  2. The City Administrator notifies Development Committee and Riverfront Commission of developer interest via established protocol.

III. Developer Proposed Development

  1. The City Administrator responds to questions, maintains contacts, and makes referrals to appropriate entities for additional information.

IV. Developer Proposal Analysis

  1. The City Administrator provides proposed outline and background information to the Development Committee.
  2. Development Committee reviews proposal, and if appropriate, forwards proposal for analysis.
  3. Analysis and response is requested from:
    • Riverfront Commission
    • City TIF Consultant
      • Developer qualifications
      • Project financial viability
    • Building Department
    • TIF Committee
    • City Attorney

V. Developer Negotiations

  1. The City Administrator facilitates negotiation with relevant stakeholders including:
    • Building Department
    • TIF Committee
    • City Attorney
  2. Riverfront Commission, City Council advised of negotiations in process.

VI. Developer Agreement

  1. The "Development Package" is referred for approval as noted:
    • Plan Commission (if applicable)
    • TIF Committee
    • City Council


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