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Sister Cities


The Sister City concept traces its origin to shortly after World War II. A national sister city movement emerged when U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower convened a White House conference on citizen diplomacy in 1956. Originally part of the National League of Cities, the Sister City concept became a separate nonprofit organization in 1967.


The Dixon Sister City Association is a nonprofit diplomacy organization that promotes creating and strengthening partnerships between the City of Dixon and international communities in a effort to increase global cooperation at the municipal level, to promote cultural understanding and to stimulate economic growth and development, trade and tourism. The Association advocates the movement for local community development and volunteer action by motivating an empowering private citizens, municipal officials and businesses to create and conduct long-term programs of mutual interest and benefit.

dix-irishThe Association currently receives no government funding (including local) but exists solely because of the commitment of private citizens and local businesses through membership and/or donations to the association.

Dixon established its first sister city with Dikson, Siberia in the late 1980’s. However, due to changes in Russian government, contact with the Dikson delegation has been lost. Currently, Dixon has two sister cities, Herzberg, Germany and Castlebar, Ireland. Three large delegations from Herzberg have visited Dixon, the last in October, 2007 and delegations from Dixon have visited Herzberg three times.

In August of 2005, Dixon Sister Cities Association delegates, along with Mayor Jim Burke, traveled to our newest sister city—Castlebar, Ireland to sign the charter establishing a new sister city relationship. Currently, the City of Dixon is in the process of forming a future Sister City relationship with Thika, Kenya. This sister city will be the first Kenyan sister city relationship in Illinois. A Delegation came in July, 2007. It is hopeful that a delegation from Dixon will go to Thika, Kenya in 2008.

Last August, Dixon Sister Cities Association delegates, along with Mayor Jim Burke, traveled to our newest sister city - Castlebar, Ireland to sign the charter establishing a new sister city relationship. The City of Castlebar, Ireland will be sending a large delegation of citizens and officials to Dixon in May of 2006 to learn about the Dixon way of life.


dix-kenyaAnyone can join the Dixon Sister City Association - from the general public to small businesses and large corporations!

Sister Cities Membership Application, 21.30 Kb


For the general public:

  • Travel opportunities
  • New friendships
  • Learning opportunities/total immersion
  • Adventure/new experiences
  • Cultural exchange
  • Ancestry/heritage research
  • Fun association events
  • Host international guest

For small businesses and corporations:

  • All of the above - plus
  • Broadened tourism base
  • New business opportunities
  • Venue to promote products
  • Corporate recognition
  • Enhanced community image
  • International goodwill


  • Host a delegation from Castlebar, Ireland in the summer of 2008
  • “5th Annual Oktoberfest” –October 4, 2008, celebrating all of our sister cities-
  • ”Kenya Come to Dixon’s Irish Oktoberfest” at the KC Hall
  • First fundraiser of 2008 – Pork Chop Cookout at Dixon Food Center June 27 & 28th
  • Various events and fundraisers throughout the year – To be announced
  • Youth Exchange
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