dix-cabin.jpgThe Park District owns over 1,100 acres of land including 2 historic parks that were platted in 1842. All 30-plus sites are open for our community and visitors to enjoy. From beautiful Lowell Park's 200 acres which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, to rural Meadows Park which encompasses 567 acres of recreational opportunities with natural areas and farm land, to the friendly neighborhood parks located throughout the city, the Dixon Park District provides something for everyone.



The Dixon Park District, formed by legal referendum in 1934, functioned as a provider of park opportunities for many years prior as a Park Board. At the time of legal incorporation, the largest and best-known park site was Lowell Park. From those early days of scenic splendor, Lowell Park has remained in its pristine and historic state. Today, the Dixon Park District maintains more than 30 sites along with miles of multi-use recreational trails, a golf complex and a hunting complex along with traditional recreational facilities.

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  • Completion of multi-use recreation paths to link with the state of Wisconsin.
  • State designation of specific high quality natural areas.
  • Community aquatic recreational opportunities.


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