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Local History and Genealogical Resources

Lee County is proud of its rich historic heritage.  Here at the library we offer access to the Dixon Telegraph on microfilm with dates from 1851 - 2007.  Later editions are available via our Newsbank subscription (library card is required to access).  The library owns copies of most of the City Directories from 1878 to 2007, these resources are for in-facility use only.  In addition, the library has available the Dixonians from 1914 - 2017, with the exceptions of the years 1916, 1919, and 1933.  We regret at this time that we do not have a paid researcher on-site, but researchers will also find scans and indexes of the below historic documents on one of our patron computers:

1928 Dixonian

Banditti of the Prairies 1947 and 1963

Lee County plat map and index, 1921

Documents pertaining to the Blackhawk War

Documents pertaining to the Dixon Airport

Documents pertaining to the history of Dixon

A scan of the document "The Green River Ordnance Plant".

A scan of the document "Lee County History" published in 1881

A scan of the document "Historical Reminscences" by George Lamb

Some other resources to help historians and genealogists are below.

Lee county plat map 1900 Index

Lee County plat map 1900 (this site works in Firefox and Internet Explorer, only)

Lee County plat map 1965

Historic Map Works  (Lee County, 1872)

Lee County Historical and Genealogical Society

The Northwest Territory Historic Center

The Loveland Community House and Museum

Sauk Valley Media

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