April 30, 2015

Message from Mayor Burke

As your Dixon Mayor for 16 years, I want to express my appreciation to the community for the confidence placed in me to be the Chief Executive. It has been an honor to serve in this capacity, and I never forgot that it was an honor. When I first ran for the job, my intent was to have the Mayor be the main promoter and number one salesperson for the City. For 16 years, that’s what I did.

With the support of the citizens and its leaders, the City is fortunate to have such strong civic, business, municipal and religious leadership augmented by citizen volunteers, which collectively has made Dixon what has been called the “Jewel of the Sauk Valley”. The philosophy at the foundation of our success has been vision and reinvesting in the community. Every decision I made and every vote I made in the Council was based on what is the best thing for Dixon. There was no room in my thinking process for bias and personal likes and dislikes.

The new City Council is a very intelligent group of individuals who have my support as they take on the challenge of implementing a whole new form of municipal government. My wish for them and the City is to continue the progress by seeing the bigger picture in all deliberations, implementing a vision for Dixon now and in the future and reinvesting funds in opportunities that help grow the quality of life in the community.

In conclusion, I want to thank all City employees for their support and dedication to public service. I particularly mention Kathe Swanson and Stephanie Terranova, who handled thousands of emails, letters and details generated by the Mayor’s office. Those two were invaluable.

Kathe and I will always have a special bond as the embezzlement was discovered and we secretly communicated with the FBI almost daily for 5 months. Immediately after the FBI descended on City Hall, Dan Langloss provided me advice and guidance on how to handle the crisis. I will never forget and always appreciate his management skills. He is one smart guy. I am saying goodbye as Mayor, but not as a resident who will always be involved with this truly great community.

Thank you for everything.

Mayor Jim Burke

April 30, 2015

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